Friday, September 9, 2011

Ricketts Glen

This was our last summer hurrah.  We went camping over Labor Day weekend at Ricketts Glen Campsite.  It was a great place!  Waterfall hikes, big lake and beach, tree filled campsites, great friends and good food.  I didn't take very many pictures, but if any of my campbuddies sends me some good shots I will add them.  I dream of being a great photographer, but I think I am meant more to have friends who are good behind the lense.
 Valerie, Lilly and Taylor Sunning.
 Natalie and Kiley beginning what ends up being a huge sandcastle.
 Lathen hanging out with his dad at the lake.
Aaron and Nic - and yes they did capsize once. 
 Taylor, Mariah and Valerie - boat beauties.
Taylor did Lilly and Nic's hair up nice and fancy. 
 Whitney, Bella, Arielle and Elizabeth striking a pose.
 Friends while hiking.
 Me at the big waterfall - 96 feet or so.
Not all, but a big chunk of the crew - there were about 65 of us. And we were allready discussing next year.  Fun times and great memories.

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