Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kiley Long Jumps

11 foot, 7 inches.  First place.

At the Park

Pizza in the Park

Easter 2012

Decorating Easter Eggs
 Getting ready to look for eggs

 Checking out the sugar contents

Winter/Spring Birthdays

Valerie turns 17, April 4th.

Lathen turns 1, March 18th.

 Dad turns 41,March 7th.

 Lilly turns 3, January 14th.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

In an Instant

Often times we encounter events that are life changing.  Most of the life changes I have had have been planned or happened over time, like having a baby, getting married, graduating from school, etc.  I can't think of a time where in an "instant" something in my life has changed forever.  This happened to me last weekend.  And I need to say while this "instant" has changed a part of my life forever, it doesn't hold a candle to real tragedy.  I know there could be a lot worse "instants." begin with.  Look at this cute picture.  Notice her sweet, beautiful smile.  This is the last of it's kind...... 

Last Friday we packed up to go camping, arrived just before dark and rushed to put up two tents before it was pitch dark.  We got everything set up and I decided to run up to the park check-in and register our arrival.  About 15 minutes later I headed back to camp.  This was when I learned of the "instant".  "Lilly lost her tooth" I was told as I saw everyone huddled around her and she was cuddled in her Kelly's (a good friend) arms.   After some gentle gum checking and a flashlight search for the tooth on the ground, we luckily found it didn't break or shove back in - it just popped right out, nice and clean and bloody enough to freak her brother out.
(Tooth is in my hand)
 Now you may think this is a strange "instant", but as I registered what was said and saw that she was "okish", I realized that the little two year old smile I love was forever lost, knocked out by a (thankfully) cold fire ring after a run in the dark.

See what I mean?  A mother's instant worry, still a face I love, but that sweet smile...........luckily Bella drew us a picture......
That's not going to give a mother nightmares........A few days later though, the swelling has gone down.

 Still a cute smile and easy to love, but my two year old will have a six year old smile for the next 4 or so years.  In an "instant" that little girl smile was forever changed, but my prayers include a big and repetitive thank you that my "instant" was not as bad as it could have been.  She's still a stinking cute little girl.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Ricketts Glen

This was our last summer hurrah.  We went camping over Labor Day weekend at Ricketts Glen Campsite.  It was a great place!  Waterfall hikes, big lake and beach, tree filled campsites, great friends and good food.  I didn't take very many pictures, but if any of my campbuddies sends me some good shots I will add them.  I dream of being a great photographer, but I think I am meant more to have friends who are good behind the lense.
 Valerie, Lilly and Taylor Sunning.
 Natalie and Kiley beginning what ends up being a huge sandcastle.
 Lathen hanging out with his dad at the lake.
Aaron and Nic - and yes they did capsize once. 
 Taylor, Mariah and Valerie - boat beauties.
Taylor did Lilly and Nic's hair up nice and fancy. 
 Whitney, Bella, Arielle and Elizabeth striking a pose.
 Friends while hiking.
 Me at the big waterfall - 96 feet or so.
Not all, but a big chunk of the crew - there were about 65 of us. And we were allready discussing next year.  Fun times and great memories.