Friday, March 26, 2010

The Kitchen is Done

I forgot to take "before" pictures prior to beginning the up do. But the general "before look" is still visible in the pictures below. The cabinets were golden oak colored with white laminate doors and golden oak, chunky drawer pulls.The windows below use to have white (tastefully aged to a dull grey) and light blue country curtains. They were the kind with a valance on top and the half way up longer ones. Pretty much covering the whole windows. The glowing light up top was one of those simple, flat to the ceiling, 2 for $20 Homedepot lights. A bit dark and blah looking for an eating area.
Just another view of the cabinets. And I guess the junk I keep in them.
Below is the stove. Well worn, but still plugging along.
A close up of the cabinet combination that I really, and I mean really, did not enjoy .
And now, in no particular order...........
This is the dining area. We painted the walls, added some artwork, changed the windows so they can be completely opened and we can enjoy the bay window. We also added a chandelier so there is a LOT more light (and beauty).
Here you can see the light a bit better. And most of all you can see the cabinets are all white. I don't profess to have done a spectacular job. But having them all white makes me a lot happier. Notice, too, a new dishwasher - it is so clean I just stare at the inside sometimes. Also, above the sink I added a word quote. No scripture or anything........
However, food is mentioned plenty of times in the scriptures. And it does say to love one another. I love to love by giving food.
I couldn't get rid of all my junk, as you can see below. But it is organized. If you sent us a picture Christmas card, then you are most likely hanging on our cabinets. We like to make sure everyone knows we have friends. :) Also, great memories come to mind when we see the people we love. Do you see that fancy art work near the ceiling? That is a one of a kind set. I know that, because I decided to try my hand. I don't know if I love it, but it was fun. I do like it however, so until I find something I LOVE, there it is. I know it is not too bad because Lilly looked up the other day and said nana, nana.
Oh!! and lest I forget. That empty counter top, it use to hold the old microwave (which is sitting on my porch for a freecycle pick up at this very moment) and my pile of recyclables. Now the kids have to stuff them in buckets under the counter and the microwave is........
over the stove! A beautiful thing. I love my shiny new cooking equipment. We are slowly becoming acquainted as I figure out the perfect time for baking cakes and cookies.
And there it is! I am so much happier, I know that materialism shouldn't do that to a person, but alas it is true. Getting rid of the Golden Oak color contrasting on the white was like taking an anti-depression pill for me. Call me materialistic, it doesn't matter. This is my office and food is my love. So find a time to come on over and I'll cook you up something delicious and delightful.

The Baby is at it Again

Why do Tums have to look like candy? Luckily she just licked them all.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We are Not in Idaho Anymore

Growing up in Idaho, every year we would watch the snowfall and hope for a big snow pack so we would have enough water through the summer. This was my reality growing up. It was such a shock for me to move out east where the rain pours and pours. Even after nine years I am still fascinated by all the rain. Below is a picture of the "river" that sprung up in our backyard. Thank goodness for this, otherwise it would be headed to my basement.


At my house, I believe strongly in teaching my kids to work. Here, I have Lilly finishing up my painting. She is working on the high spots.

After she is done with the painting, I put her to cleaning up the mess on the floor.

And finally, she needs to learn the name that rules our little kingdom.

Happy Pi Day

At our house we celebrate any time we can. March 14th is Pi day, as in 3.14 Valerie made the kids favorite pie - chocolate cookie crust with chocolate and whip cream filling.
Happy TT Day!