Tuesday, April 5, 2011

And I am on my own....

I have been so lucky to have wonderful parents and in laws who helped me so much over the past couple of weeks. I had a driver, a cook, a painter, a maid, my own laundry service and nannies galore. Today is the first day they are all gone. And if you look at the picture below, it has been less than 12 hours, but that table is indicative of my whole house. The nice thing is I don't feel any pressure to get it all done. My to do list today consists of updating this blog and freezing half the pepperoni in my fridge. Anything beyond that is bonus. New babies are the best excuses for messy houses. THANK YOU to all my wonderful parents and the love and care you showed us.

I have Two Babies

I have two babies. The big baby is set on making sure we know that. The big baby loves to sneak out at nap time and put on some beautiful lipstick. The little baby still hasn't figure out what to do when he is awake.
The big baby is so delightful with her humor and fluffy blond hair.
The little baby is a GREAT sleeper and has such soft and cuddly skin.Both babies are so wonderful to have in our family.

Sweet 16!

Look at this pretty girl -and this was a lay around the house and don't do your hair PJ day. Val turns 16 this year! We are so lucky to have her as a daughter. She is kind, responsible and reliable. I love that she likes to be my friend. We couldn't have a better example for the other kids. Jim and got more than lucky when she came into our lives. I'd post a cute baby picture of her, but alas, she was born in the olden days when we had to develop our film. Just picture in your mind a little girl with big chubby cheeks. Right now, I picture in my mind a tall capable, responsible driver. 6 months and the licence can be hers!


March 18, 2011

Lathen William Atkinson came into this world at 8 lbs and 5 oz, 21 1/4 inches long. Bigger by an ounce and 1/4 inch than any of my other children. And...he is a brown haired baby, just what I ordered.

Because he was born at 5 pm and was a planned c-section, this is the best I have ever looked post baby - no glasses and make-up. A good way to end it! To celebrate, Jim had each of the kids pick out a dozen roses. They left the store and someone said they looked like a circus parading out to the car. What a good man I have! This little boy came into a loving family that will cuddle and adore him and hang him by his arms when he is only 2 days old.
He is looking at me with those sweet little eyes saying "Mama, what have you done to me?"
I tell him you may get hung by your arms and pushed around a bit, but look at everyone who is so excited to love and cuddle you.
You have a GREAT life ahead of you, you lucky boy!