Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Cookie Making

While the kids are at school, Bella and I try to keep busy. We NEVER watch TV. We always do super constructive and inspiring activities, because, you know, I am that kind of super mom.........
If it was April, I'd be calling April fools now, but since it is Halloween, I'll just say BOO! Today, however, we did make cookies while everyone else was at school. Bella has great skills and is always wanting to bake with me. She has a super sweet tooth, making cookies feeds her addiction, we are working on control of that issue. She is pretty handy though with the rolling pin and scooping to the pan......
Lilly liked grabbing at the flour all over the cupboard. She also thinks it is so cool to be able to stand on a big girl stool. I am still nervous about that, but I love that her little head can be at our level.

Bella took this picture. Lilly thought it was funny I was cuddling up to her. She is use to seeing me on the other end of the camera.

Bella and I gave Lilly some cookie dough. I think she liked this new life experience.

Graveyard cookies....appropriate for the season......

It is clean up time, where did the help go? Bella? Lilly?

I guess I found Lilly........always love the "baby holding on to my legs in the middle of the kitchen" stage.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Yearly Picture Taking Task

From the beginning I have told my kids I don't buy school pictures. I like to have choices in the smiles that I pay for. This means some years I line them all up and go to JCPenny and use those coupons to get cheap pictures with lots of variety. Or some years I take them outside and we do tons of snapshots until we get some we like.

This one always manages to look beautiful. This one insists on doing her own hair. We love that attitude in her. She has a natural, happy smile. You can see here energy for life. Here is the man of the clan. Isn't he a handsome guy?

This one is tall, elegant and beautiful.
This is the picture they took of me..........
So I had to self portrait.

Chef Yummy

Our Sunday Conference tradition is to make Apple Muffins. This year Chef Yummy wanted to take on the task. Apple grating experience, a little bit slimy.
Scooping the flour.

Using the whisk.
Wow! Who is that hot looking souchef?

New oven experience.
Somehow a lot of stuff made it to the floor.
It is all in the plating and good company! Way to go Chef Yummy!

Lilly's Perfect Picture

Digital cameras are the best. They give you so much film so you can surely get that perfect picture. Not the nose Lilly
No, Chin up.
Look at me cute baby.
I'm here, not there.
Do you think this is funny?
No.....not the nose wipe.
Just one picture then I will let you alone, OK baby?
Are you sure mama?
I don't know if I can do it. Yes you can... just one cute smile.
There is the didn't say anything about the eyes, and out of focus, that is not my fault.
So much for the digital miracle.......