Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Yearly Picture Taking Task

From the beginning I have told my kids I don't buy school pictures. I like to have choices in the smiles that I pay for. This means some years I line them all up and go to JCPenny and use those coupons to get cheap pictures with lots of variety. Or some years I take them outside and we do tons of snapshots until we get some we like.

This one always manages to look beautiful. This one insists on doing her own hair. We love that attitude in her. She has a natural, happy smile. You can see here energy for life. Here is the man of the clan. Isn't he a handsome guy?

This one is tall, elegant and beautiful.
This is the picture they took of me..........
So I had to self portrait.


  1. I loooove the one of you Leish. You look like picture-taking was the last thing on earth you wanted to be doing! Cute kids.

  2. Lovely pictures!! I'm inspired...

  3. Just found your blog. Love it. I will now be checking it out for yummy dessert ideas! I love pioneer woman- try her apple dumplings. TO DIE FOR! I just made them on monday for FHE. Always a big hit with my fam.

  4. Great pictures and isn't it amazing that people who grow up down the hall from each other still wind up being so different?

  5. I just found your blog! I love the pictures! It's amazing how each child has their own look and attitude. Those will be great framed:)