Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Cookie Making

While the kids are at school, Bella and I try to keep busy. We NEVER watch TV. We always do super constructive and inspiring activities, because, you know, I am that kind of super mom.........
If it was April, I'd be calling April fools now, but since it is Halloween, I'll just say BOO! Today, however, we did make cookies while everyone else was at school. Bella has great skills and is always wanting to bake with me. She has a super sweet tooth, making cookies feeds her addiction, we are working on control of that issue. She is pretty handy though with the rolling pin and scooping to the pan......
Lilly liked grabbing at the flour all over the cupboard. She also thinks it is so cool to be able to stand on a big girl stool. I am still nervous about that, but I love that her little head can be at our level.

Bella took this picture. Lilly thought it was funny I was cuddling up to her. She is use to seeing me on the other end of the camera.

Bella and I gave Lilly some cookie dough. I think she liked this new life experience.

Graveyard cookies....appropriate for the season......

It is clean up time, where did the help go? Bella? Lilly?

I guess I found Lilly........always love the "baby holding on to my legs in the middle of the kitchen" stage.


  1. OMG that looks like it was nothing but fun and good times! I can't believe Bella is so grown up now (relatively) and that Lilly looks like an absolute doll. Good luck keeping enough cookies back to pack in school lunches. Miss you and love you tons and tons!

  2. I love the picture of Lily on the stool! She thinks she's big stuff!

  3. These pictures are delightful on so many levels. We've been doing the sugar cookie thing too, but I got sick of it and tossed the dough in my fridge. It sounds like I need a Bella. I love Lilly smiles!!

  4. Hey, are those cookies for tomorrow???
    The help in my house always manages to flee when its clean up time too!

  5. Looks like a blast Leish. What a good momma you are. How do you like your fun new cookbook?

  6. Feel free to bring those cookies to Young Womens.