Friday, September 9, 2011

The Girl's First Concert

The girls went to their first concert this summer.  While nothing can beat my first concert (MC Hammer), Tayor Swift was pretty cool.  We went with some good friends and had a great girl time.  We had been listening to the Taylor CD for the whole previous month so we would be ready.  Surprisingly my tomboy Kiley danced the night away more than Valerie.  I think Valerie was trying not to block people behind her with her tallness.  Bella and Arielle made a sign and they and their friends were set on holding it up almost the whole night.  I finally convinced them to put it down and dance.   I didn't take any pictures, but my good friend Jen did a great job of documenting the event and the pre-event of making T Swift T-Shirts.  Her links are below.   I loved watching my girls have fun and I loved spending time with good girl friends....which is a good thing since traffic was horrible and we ended up spending about 8 hours together.  All part of the good memory. :)

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