Friday, September 9, 2011

New Sunroom!!!

We finally have it complete!  Well, I still need to stain the french doors and get a few pieces of furniture, but it is at least done enough that we can enjoy it!  It feels so good to sit on the couch and read a book with all the natural light around.  The kids really like doing homework there too.  It can be closed off, and quieter, yet it is still a part of us.
I love that one of the kitchen bay windows opens up right into the sunroom.  Of course when we first used it I was shocked to see the kids jumping through it.  Jim said I was silly to not even consider that would happen.

 The patio is even finished now.  It looks really great, almost as great as my model. :)  If it only quits raining then we can have a good old fall barbecue.

Many thanks to my dear husband who wasn't too excited about this adventure in the first place, but fully supported (and funded) it for me.  Kisses to him and lots of sunshine to the rest of us.

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