Sunday, December 5, 2010


This year the best part of Thanksgiving for me was......... That it was so casual and laid back. Everyone helped prepare dinner and we didn't have a set time to get things done by. It was a great way to celebrate this year - considering my tendency to want to do nothing......hormones, right?
Jim and Lilly worked on a cheese, meat and cracker tray.

Our yummy appetizers we snacked on most of the day.

Arielle helped me make the pie crusts.

Nic did a lot of cooking. Here he is getting ready to do the stuffing.

Bella and Kiley are working on the kids favorite pie - Chips-A-Hoy chocolate pie.

Valerie made these yummy rolls - Rhodes style.

Jim boiled our flavor injected turkey. He had to sit outside and hold the umbrella over it so the flames wouldn't go out.

Bella and Arielle set the table for us.

And dinner was served!

I believe in disposable tableware, sorry environment. I do recycle though.

Nic is not drinking beer. It is a favorite ROOT beer.

Arielle likes a crust only pie.

I made this delicious pie. Close to picture perfect, it signifies how grateful we our for our happy and comfortable lives.


  1. YUM! Looks like it was fun! And the strawberry pie looks amazing!

  2. Mmmmm so delicious!!! I love Arielle's picture with flour all over her. You have the cutest family!

  3. oh how I miss a Jim Atkinson turkey and gravy! Yum!