Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fall Sports

This fall Valerie and Nic played Volleyball, Kiley played Field Hockey and Arielle and Bella decided to take gymnastics. I didn't get any pictures of Val and Nic because I was the assistant coach and didn't even think to take my camera. They both played well- Valerie got a lot better at blocking and playing at the net. Nic had a lot of energy and would run for almost every ball.

Arielle and Bella love going to the gym. Every time I watch them they are bouncing around in place they are so happy. Bella falls down about 10 times a lesson, just because she is bouncing so much in one place. Arielle seems to get competitive and likes to do things fast.

Kiley played Field Hockey this year for the first time. She had a lot of fun with her friends. She even played well enough to get invited to an end of year all-star game. Too bad it was on Sunday. Luckily for Kiley though, she was the only one I got pictures of playing.

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