Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Christmas Tree

It was a ccccoooolllllddddd December Saturday. Everyone was bundled up and ready for the hunt to begin.

Off to work crew! Find us that perfect Christmas tree.

At last it was found. Nic and Arielle were put to work sawing it down.

Kiley watched and hung out in the tree wagon.

Bella cringed on the ground trying to decide which way it would fall.

Dad held the tree (because Lilly ran around the tree, and again, we didn't know which way it would fall) while Valerie watched on.

Finally the tree came down and Nic used his boy scout skills to cut us a nice base.

Arielle and I huddled around with joy that we found the perfect tree and would soon be sipping hot chocolate in a heated car.

Let's haul that baby home!

Look at that tree!!!!! It is the tallest we have ever found. It looks like I am off to buy more Christmas lights!


  1. That's so much fun! We cut our tree down this year too but ours is much shorter :) I love how tall yours is!

  2. wow Leish! That is huge! I have not seen a real tree that big before either (at least not in a house). I miss Christmas Tree hunting with you. We have a boring fake one now because there aren't many tree farms here.

  3. That's a pretty awesome tree! Thanks for posting!!

  4. you know that's a tall tree when Val looks short next to it!