Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hershey Park

We had an AWESOME day at Hershy Park. We were all set to go when Valerie got a call from a friend to do some sewing. She preferred that over our mini vacation. So we let her stay and invited our good friend Bethany. It was a two hour drive and the line to get in was about 30 minutes long, but once we got in we had a lot of fun. The weather was perfect. The kids were perfect. The Hershey tour was delightful. And at the end of the night the park was practically empty and we rode ride after ride. It was a GREAT day.We had to ride the Ferris Wheel - a classic.
This was one of the two rides Lilly was able to go on.
Everyone from Bella to Mabry rode this ride. And everyone kept their stomachs afterward. Here you can see Bethany and Arielle on the first row (not sitting by each other for some reason) and then Mabry, Bella and Sophie in the second row. Nic and Kiley were on the other end of the boat.
Here is a before picture of us as we went to ride Fahrenheit.
Here is the beginning of Fahrenheit.
Here we are after the ride. A little dazed, but very satisfied.
Here is Sophie, Arielle, Bella and Mabry in line for a roller coaster.
This is them on the roller coaster. Sophie LOVED it. Bella thought it was super great, until she learned she went upside down, then she started to think about it. Arielle said she is done with roller coasters.
We did the classic Horse Carousel.
This was the Music Express.
It was Bella's favorite. She rode it 10 times.
This was Lilly when we got into the park at 11 am.
This is Lilly when we left the park at 9 pm. She was a trooper.

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