Saturday, February 6, 2010

Skipping School and Going to the Farm Show

My friend called and asked if we wanted to skip school and go to the farm show in the great capital of Pennsyvania. We were all up for this educational field trip. This cow's name is Val.

Arielle spent forever watching the baby chicks peck out of their eggs.

We got to eat all sorts of fried dairy food......mmmmm, so delicious.

Lilly wasn't afraid of the animals.

We saw the sheep just after they got sheared.

Lilly enjoyed the chocolate milkshake the you can see by the brown mess on her shirt.

These were 4 of the little farm girls.

Here is Shannon and I self portraiting with Kiley and Jake poking their heads in. We had a great time driving, chatting, seeing the animals and of course eating the food. Good Times!

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