Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Day that Ruined a Visit from Grandparents

My parents were set to come and visit us for the weekend. I had great food planned, a few good western movies to watch (my Dad's favorite), the kids had basketball games to play, and we had grand thoughts of playing Rook all day and night......until.......Southwest felt it needed to cancel all their flights into Philly. All flights were canceled Friday and the snow didn't start coming until 9 pm. LAME! Way to be overly cautious and mess up our great weekend plans. When the snow finally DID come, it came fast and furious. It piled everywhere and looked beautiful!
Lilly hated her sled rides.

But loved to be held by Dad.

We found this cool windblown overhang on the front of our house. The kids stood under it while Jim went to knock it down.
I put the camera on picture and not video, so I missed the whole thing. But here is the after shot. Not the same, I know.

My kids love the snow!

But not as much as they love their grandparents.......

But playing in the snow is an OK second.


  1. This all looks like so much fun. Food and snow....wish M&P could be there.

  2. That really was a pretty amazing snow storm...I didn't realize this was the weekend your parents were coming...

    That Lilly is crazy cute!