Friday, December 18, 2009

A little Bit of December

At Thanksgiving I had this whole month planned out and I was going to be on top of this whole season. Every day seemed to snowball into another item on the to do list. Instead of stressing me out though, I have really enjoyed all that I have been doing. The pictures below may have something to do with that and they may just be pictures I find of Lilly that are cute.Here Lilly found the food cupboard. We seem to regularly have box juices with missing straws and chips bags with a lot of crumbly chips.
Santa came to our Ward Christmas Party. Bella helped me get his suit. She kept asking me who he was. I told her Santa and she said "No way, I know we bought the suit." I guess Kindergarten will make you smarter.

Arielle can never look normal in a picture. Aren't these 4 cute girls?

Here is the nativity scene the kids and I made. We had a lot of fun. Nic is the close wiseman.

Valerie is the behind Shepherd.

Lilly wanted to help make dinner. Nic was in charge. He forgot to compensate for wildly grabbing hands on babies that have learned to climb a stool.

We had a fun Christian celebration of Hanukkah. The kids here are playing the Driedel game. Somehow Valerie kept ending up with all the candy. We also fried Latkes and doughnuts.

We didn't get a finished picture of anything because we were to busy eating. Good thing I guess, I kept finding cinnamon sugar on my face.

Bella and Arielle made a game. It is called the Bella and Arielle Awesome game. We all obliged and played.

They don't think they are cool or anything.

Lilly just got a new coat from her grandmother. Bella and I tried to get her to stand on her own so we could see it's complete cuteness. Here Bella is holding her up.

Here is the picture I got when I had her stand on her own. She is down on the floor, flat on her belly.
I realize this post is very random, but I have felt random and scattered this month so it reflects me perfectly.
Random, scattered, and a little behind, but very happy.