Monday, December 28, 2009

The First Winter Snow

My favorite outside chore is to shovel snow. There is such a defining moment when it is all done. I also love the "muscle" it takes to get the chore done. Luckily this snow day came on a Saturday so Jim was out there with me. It was like a little date. Lilly did not like her first snow experience. We put her on the sled and as we began to pull it she rolled over and did a face plant. Snowsuits make for rollypoly bottoms.
Bella didn't mind the snow on her face.
Arielle was a Tasmanian Devil in the snow.
Kiley and the kids all had fun with different snow toys.
It was a bright, beautiful sunny day.
Perfect for snow angels.Not too perfect for snowmen. They took some work to stick together.
This snowman is going to get Valerie some kind of math extra credit.
Gotta love those winter days.

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