Friday, January 1, 2010

Scotish Digestives

Who has ever heard of Scottish Digestives? Our friend Kenny went to the store to get some New Years Eve treats. They had these yummy shortbread cookies he loves so he grabbed two boxes. Next to the cookies they had these crackers that were in a similar box. Naturally one would think since the cookies are so good, these crackers will be good too. When he came home Annie, his wife, and I read the box some. Apparently these cookies are called Scottish Digestives and Oatcakes - delicious Scottish Biscuits.
We opened the boxes and looked at these scrumptious international cookies, they looked liked crumbled and pressed oatmeal shapes. But hey, looks can be deceiving, they could be delicious!

Bella was leery, but Luke was excited and went to the cheese toppings. The rest of the crew....the answer is on their face.....

And Kenny was the one who purchased these international delights.

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