Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Cuisine - My Dream Come True

Ever since Halloween was and I have liked to cook, I have wanted to create a Halloween themed meal. This year my teenagers and their friends arranged to have a few people over to trick or treat. I was so excited, I told them they could all come for dinner too. My main course consisted of Bloody Eyeballs and Worms. In the corner there you can see there were also some Bat Wings.
We also had White Maggots, Green Monster Brain Dip and Brown Swamp Dip.

There is Valerie, she was eating the Bat Wings. JUST KIDDING.

Bella the Princess stuck with the simpler looking Green Eyeballs and Orange Knobby Fingers.

There is the bowl of Dried Out Scabs we used for the dips.

Kiley and Rebekah we trying out the Yellow Witches Brew.

These were the Graveyard Cookies and Super Sweet Monster Eyeballs.

Here is everybody having dinner. They were all such GREAT kids. It made the evening so enjoyable. Everyone went trick or treating later and really brought home the loot. The younger crowd took umbrellas. The older crowd got soaking wet. But everyone had a lot of fun!

Lilly liked scattering Maggots everywhere. But what she REALLY liked was finding out about.......

She learned how to dig through everyone's candy and pick out those on a stick.


  1. Your recipes are sooo creative and they look absolutely ghoulish. From the pics it looks like everyone had a great time ... including the lollipop thief! Please share some recipes and secrets of your success. Love you and miss you.

  2. This must have been so much fun!! I love how Lilly's doing the Frankenstein arms.

  3. My kids had such a great time. Thanks for hosting!

  4. You are one clever girl! I'll have to remember these food ideas for next year...